Protesters Gear Up

Protestor Series

Daily occurrences of civil unrest, protest, or outright violent conflict between globals and their governments have come to dominate the international discourse.  The revolutions in Egypt and Libya, Brazil’s “June” Journeys, and the Occupy Oakland protests are just a few examples of the varying levels of activity and response.  Add to the increasing tension an explosion in the use of social media and networking sites to organize on a grass roots level, and the potential for an ever-growing number of mass interactions of chaos begins to look more viable to more than just hippies and conspiracy theorists.

Most experienced globals have begun to fabricate protective gear kits in reaction to the crowd control tactics utilized by the law enforcement agencies that they encounter.  When riot gear clad officers are firing “less-lethal” ammunition from close range, though, some protection is obviously better than no protection.

Protestor Riot-protection Gear From Around the World


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