The FBI and JFK

Hanesydd Cymraeg


Over a period of a little more than twenty years, the FBI, under the instruction of J Edgar Hoover, collected a wealth of information on John F Kennedy, commencing when he was a Navy lieutenant working for Naval Intelligence in 1942, resuming when he became the Democrat presidential candidate in 1960 and continuing until his death in November 1963. The information, acquired through surveillance, wire tapping, informants and bugging, consisted of a variety of subjects, some idle gossip, some salacious rumour, others a possible threat to national security and capable of harming the prestige of the office of the President and, more importantly to Hoover, that of the international standing of the United States. It was done for a number of reasons, but the cause of Hoover’s campaign against Kennedy were fourfold: the political and ideological differences between the Kennedy’s and Hoover; Hoover’s moral judgement of John Kennedy’s actions; the…

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