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Everything We Know About The 234 Missing Nigerian School Girls (DETAILS)

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It’s been two weeks since 234 girls (ages 12-17) were abducted in the middle of the night from their boarding school in north-eastern Nigeria. It’s been two weeks since the Nigerian government, who first claimed to have recovered all but eight of the missing, has offered grieving families any definitive information regarding their daughters. And it’s been an agonizing two weeks for mothers and fathers, pooling their own resources to search for the missing, as they sit by and watch President Goodluck Jonathan and his administration’s lukewarm response to the crisis.

What happened that night and in the days that followed remains a murky narrative, but it is clear that the young girls were kidnapped by militants who whisked them off into the Sambisa Forest where terrorist group Boko Haram are believed to have set up camps, and possibly, married them off for the price of $12 each.

Nigerian media has covered…

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The top 10 tips I’ve learned from minimalists



I’m not going to covet other minimalists’ lives anymore.

I don’t travel the world with a single backpack.

I haven’t packed up my family to travel across the country in an RV for a year.

I am not a single woman with a futon, a suitcase and a laptop.

I didn’t choose 600 square feet of dwelling space with a hobby farm ‘round back.

YET, I adore reading about these amazing people and their even more intriguing journeys toward transformation. In perusing books and blogposts, these characters seem like old friends. We’re all rooting for them. Their triumphs and courageous leaps of faith provide the inspiration for our own stories. However, through all this story following, I have found there is not one formula for choosing a simple life…it is not a one-size-fits all t-shirt. No matter what our life looks like, I do believe each and every one of these…

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Protesters Gear Up

Protestor Series

Daily occurrences of civil unrest, protest, or outright violent conflict between globals and their governments have come to dominate the international discourse.  The revolutions in Egypt and Libya, Brazil’s “June” Journeys, and the Occupy Oakland protests are just a few examples of the varying levels of activity and response.  Add to the increasing tension an explosion in the use of social media and networking sites to organize on a grass roots level, and the potential for an ever-growing number of mass interactions of chaos begins to look more viable to more than just hippies and conspiracy theorists.

Most experienced globals have begun to fabricate protective gear kits in reaction to the crowd control tactics utilized by the law enforcement agencies that they encounter.  When riot gear clad officers are firing “less-lethal” ammunition from close range, though, some protection is obviously better than no protection.

Protestor Riot-protection Gear From Around the World