The gun rights movement and its lunatic fringe

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I am not a gun person, but I don’t consider myself an enemy of  gun owners or gun rights advocates.

I’m philosophically in accord with much of what the gun rights movement says, while not in sympathy with some of its manifestations, including people in public places who carry around deadly weapons as if they were fashion accessories.

I believe that:

  • Self-protection is a fundamental human right.
  • The Constitution gives Americans an individual right to keep and bear arms.
  • Firearms have useful and legitimate purposes.
  • Ownership of firearms by responsible, law-abiding people is not a social problem.
  • Down through history and across many cultures, denial of the right to own weapons is a defining mark of a subjugated people.  (The other is denial of the right to testify in court).
  • Guns are an icon of American culture, just as swords are an icon of Japanese culture.

A lot…

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Radical Resources for May Day (and every day)


What, you may ask, is the best thing to do with information?

Share it of course!

Thus, in honor of May Day – also known as International Workers’ Day – and in the spirit of mutual aid, we here at the Shipwreck are happy to share with you some repositories of radical goodness to give you some provocative reading…

Marxists Internet Archive

This archive may have “Marxists” in its title but zounds do they ever have a lot of material. From the First International to the Fourth International, and from Maoism to the Frankfurt School – this archive provides a stunning amount of content. Beyond Marxism (and Marxists) this site also features impressive amounts of content pertaining to feminism, National Liberation movements, and even a fair bit of classical political philosophy.

While this is a great site to go to for a specific thinker, it’s also a great place to…

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