Saturday Short #2 – Ayahuasca (part 1 of 2)

Aidan J. Reid

This Saturday ‘Short’ story is anything but. I want to relate my experience of taking ayahuasca (an ancient psychedelic hallucinogen) which has been in the media lately after a British man died during the ritual (links at bottom of my previous post here).

The preparation, process and post-ritual ceremonies were all fairly eventful to say the least and for that reason I’m going to break the story into two parts. Today’s entry will explain the process leading up to the ritual which includes the purging, fasting and preparing your body and mind to be cleansed before taking the medicine. I’ll also reveal my first encounter with it – Day 1. Next week covers Day 2 and the after effects (6 weeks on). Hopefully this will clear up any misconception about Ayahuasca and give an insight to those interested in trying it, or curious about what is involved in…

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BATMAN pararescue team tests Google Glass

DefenseSystems report : Air Force’s BATMAN team testing Google Glass

The US Air Force’s BATMAN ( Battlefield Air Targeting Man Aided kNowledge ) pararescue team plans to implement the new technology into their operations.  The team is part of the 711th Human Performance Wing/Effectiveness Directorate.

From the 711th’s Fact Sheet:

“The men and women of the Human Effectiveness Directorate are responsible for developing the human-related technology for systems crucial to continued aerospace superiority. The staff also works to transfer the same or similar technology to civilian applications whenever appropriate. The directorate is organized into five divisions located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio,and Ft. Sam Houston,Texas.”